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"I have no hesitation in recommending Barbara Nowak. She gave me a really wonderful and thorough treatment which helped to greatly reduce the tension and pain I was in. I really loved the way she used the stones and her hands together. It felt like everything she did was coming from a place of true understanding, skill and knowledge of what really works. London is full of excellent massage therapists and healers, and I certainly would count Barbara as one of them"

MJR, London



"I always got more than I bargained for with Back to Body Massage Therapy: time to settle in, gentle inquiry into my needs and/or wishes, soft music of my choice in the background, an ear that not only hears but listens if I want the strokes deeper or slower on my calves or my head."

Claire M, Psychotherapist, London



Barbara has great hands, I find her sessions very intuitive and her touch very comforting and soothing. Her approach to massage is very personal with warm intent to create a therapeutic atmosphere. She is professional in her approach, and I feel safe in her hands. I am looking forward to having more sessions with her.

Prim B. London



Not many things does so good as deeply intuitive and professional hot stone whole body massage. Thank you Barbara Nowak , my body always melts under your trust evoking and confident touch.

Kat P.  5Rythms dance teacher


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